Explore the Eras

Travel. Build. Grow. Play.

Eranauts is the first Era-Themed Metaverse!
As an Eranaut, time is yours to command. Travel from the 1980s* to the 90's, relive the 40's, or hop into the distant future. Explore time as an elite Eranaut and take part in reliving history!


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TRAVEL. Explore the era's and live the history - go from era to era or sector to sector, the choice is yours!

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BUILD. Build on your own land or join your friends and make what you want - yours forever!

f. o3

GROW. Your character, your choice - How you grow is up to you, but you can level your character in any way you can. 

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PLAY.  It's your game, your way - relive history, or mix the eras. 

Meet the Team

It's the smallest efforts that make a project succeed - from the developers to the managers, take a look at who is running the show!


Founder, Eranauts
"I wanted to create synergy between decentralized social media and an era themed metaverse."

AIS Technologies

Lead Developers
"It's more than just a chance to develop the next metaverse, it's the next best game out there - we're in!"

Jason Highsmith, MD

Project Advisor
"The Eranauts project is an innovative launch into the Metaverse through the lens of different genres."

Game Art Services

3D Assets
"We are excited about Eranauts, it's a chance to build something truly unique!"

Christopher Kramer

Management Advisor
"History comes alive - how much more simple could it be?"